Blender Welder addon 1.2.6(2.9x)


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Welder is a must have for all hard surface artist. This addon will help you add believably to your artworks in no time. Welds creation has never been that easy, just select two objects and click one button to weld them along their intersection.I you're feeling creative, this addon will also allow you to draw it free-hand on another models surface. Full list of features:

– 5 types of welds,

– Automated welding along intersection of 2 objects,

– Flexible scale and rotation modification,

– Welds profile modification with curve widget,

– Weld along selected edge-loop in edit mode,

– Free-hand drawing.

File Names
Size 29.23 KB 6.76 KB 21.70 KB weld.blend 3.95 MB welder_images/icon_1.png 114.82 KB welder_images/icon_2.png 115.69 KB welder_images/icon_3.png 114.16 KB welder_images/icon_4.png 115.99 KB welder_images/icon_5.png 113.36 KB welder_images/icon_6.png 122.88 KB welder_images/icon_7.png 127.94 KB 4.16 KB

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